by Abeyant

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seems so old now. this was the first recording we did with Merch. recorded at Banjo Frog studio.


released August 8, 2008



all rights reserved


Abeyant Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: The Art of Falling Down
Tired of bloodshot eyes of seeing faces that refuse to smile and I no longer mind people watching me enjoy my beautiful life.

It's clear we lack direction we fall for every lie and we're tired of crawling. Suicide and depression, how many more must die? To the art of falling

Decide what you think's right don't dare tell me that you're too small, too weak and you won't fight. You're not hard done by keep your mouth shut if you're just gonna whine
Track Name: My Tongue Has Your Cat
She called then he came walked close to remember words to say.
The air then punched his lungs like an addict who is searching.
He has no principles so don't bother asking questions about his goals.
Backwards slips to the ground and he remains there face down.

Give me a chance to speak I'll cut my own tongue out if I can't.
You'll back off now, I'll back down later pushing the smile out

Over using the circles how we revert to peoples eyes are burnt dry with smiles.
Powdered teeth from those sharp words they were wearing the same clothes.
All of these revolve around nightmares, face forward you better face forward now.

Eyes open and she's awake, looking for her friends but not one of them stayed.
With a tired look on her face she crawled under a car trying to be saved.
What hasn't she done right? What do your smug looks mean? All lightweight swine.
The shrugs of your shoulders represent nothing; only the fact you're frightened
Track Name: Let It Go
Faint; was the first shade of red you showed me when you were licking your lips to control me.
I haven't felt this way for no reason you must have missed a spot on my face.
I've tried to compromise now I'm leaving and all you're left with is a mistake.

Release the latches and find yourself you left him back almost a year ago.
I know they need you your face will tell but it means nothing so just let it go

Dense; was the feeling that your arm told me release all the thoughts that consume you daily.
Before you ask me, why am I breathing? You should invest your will with my name.
No one has told you life is a beaker and now you're filled with all the wrong ways.

Track Name: Box Song
Pink flights, scattered dreaming, how many people died?
Show us all your insides and then go to the bottom.
One night of greedy eyes makes you realise solitary life was upon you

Insisting to be one more than you want. Don't go far, be my last.
Having noticed many hand made iron bars keep him in, no rerun

Bleeding shades of white he questions you about black hands out of sight.
Ribbed, glazed, obtuse. Green water spikes curved words alone.
Track Name: Right, at the Last Moment
If we say nothing then how they gonna know? Don't say we have no control.
All these children victims while offenders walk. Last thing needed is more talk.
Don't sell me evil things persuasion pointless when sin surrounds me. I'm drowning but if we don't seek then we cannot find light.

Single tear, one eye.
Time has come, goodnight.
Have a fast, safe flight.

Ignorance is bliss but not divine so FIGHT!
Ignorance is bliss but not divine (seems that we are happy blinded)
Open up your eyes and fight (seems we're happy blind)